Imprinted Concrete Driveways

Attractive Driveways in Dublin & Surrounding Areas

We produce imprinted concrete driveways at Central Landscaping that rejuvenate outdoor spaces in Dublin and all major locations throughout Ireland. Our experienced team also installs concrete patios that are imprinted. Today, imprinted concrete pattern is one of Dublin’s most popular surface options.

When customers choose our company to install pattern-printed concrete driveways in Dublin or surrounding properties, we promise to work closely with their original ideas at all times. The choice of color, texture and style is entirely in the customer’s hands, and all driveways we build are guaranteed to complement your home’s exterior.

Choose from effects of brick, cobble, stone, slate or even wood, or add a basket-weave or a pattern of roman cobble. Topped with the color of your choice, it all adds up to truly individual pattern-printed driveways with a durable surface that will almost certainly add value to your home in Dublin.

Perfectly-Prepared Driveways in Dublin & Surrounding Areas

Imprinted concrete is poured over a well-prepared and unsinkable base that keeps our driveways in shape and remains for many years. When we tell Dublin customers that our pattern imprinted concrete driveways would still look the same for a full 20 years from now, we’re not exaggerating.

We believe that imprinted concrete driveways are undoubtedly the best surfaces available for low maintenance. Leaves and dirt are easy to remove and there is no need to refill with sand or point between cracks, as you have to do with paving blocks. Also, there is never any weeding to worry about with imprinted concrete because the surface is completely sealed and stops any kind of growth. Even spillage of oil and liquid can be easily cleaned from our driveways.

Choose Central Landscaping for Imprinted Concrete Patios

If you are considering surface improvements for both the back and front of your property, why not talk to us about concrete patios with pattern imprints? We apply the very same methods to the outdoor space at the back of your premises as we do to the front driveways, ensuring the highest possible quality is the final finish of the patios.

Imprinted concrete patterns can also be used to create paths and boundaries, transforming Dublin gardens into art works. Our experienced team also provides resealing services for existing imprinted concrete surfaces and can even restore driveway color if they are heavily used. For soiled or stained surfaces, a high-pressure jet washing service is available.

Commercial Surfacing in Dublin

Central Landscaping is available throughout County Dublin to meet the needs of domestic customers, but we are equally committed to our many business and industrial customers, many of whom use us for outdoor surface projects. For internal flooring work, our company also employs concrete screening and power floating methods.

That’s the quality of our workmanship, in their popular drive-thru outlets, Central Landscaping has recently been awarded a contract with McDonalds for installation work.

For internal flooring applications, concrete screening is ideal, mainly because it leaves a smooth and flat finish. Because concrete screed contains less aggregates than conventional concrete, it creates a perfect level finish for industrial floors. Our skilled workforce also uses power floating tools to provide our customers with exceptional floor finishes.


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